Watermelon and Apple Smoothie

Created by cassandra

A watermelon and apple smoothie tastes wonderfully fresh and fruity at the same time. The recipe is quick to prepare.

Watermelon and Apple Smoothie


100G Watermelon (pitted and diced)
50ml Apple juice
50ml soda water
1St. Banana (very ripe)
1St. Ice cubes

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  • no alcohol
  • Fruity


  1. Peel and core the watermelon. For each smoothie, cut out a nice piece for decoration and place it on the edge of the glass.
  2. Roughly dice the melon and place in a smoothie maker or in a blender attachment. Peel the banana and add it along with the ice cube. Pour in the apple juice and the soda water, mix well and serve immediately.

Tips on the recipe

It is best to prepare several smoothies at the same time and use a whole or half a watermelon depending on the size. The ripe banana means you don't need any added sugar - the smoothie is sweet and very creamy.