Plum muesli with raspberries and hazelnuts

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Plum muesli with raspberries and hazelnuts is always welcome. The great breakfast recipe in the plum and raspberry season.

Plum muesli with raspberries and hazelnuts

Ingredients for 1 serving

8thPc House plums (plums)
8thPc Raspberries
8thPc Hazelnuts
4thTbsp oatmeal
100ml Buttermilk

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10 min. Total time

10 min. Preparation time

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  1. Wash and core the plums and cut into small pieces.
  2. Briefly rinse the raspberries in a sieve, remove the stems and allow to drain.
  3. Crack the hazelnuts, remove the kernels and roughly chop the nuts.
  4. Mix the oat flakes with the buttermilk and the plum pieces in a cereal bowl, halve the raspberries and place on top and sprinkle the plum muesli with the chopped hazelnuts.

Tips on the recipe

The house plum, also called farmer's plum, is an old plum variety with small fruits and yellow-green pulp. The fruits are very sweet with a pronounced plum aroma and ripen in mid to late September.