Toast with scrambled eggs

Created by Crazymausal01

A hearty and helpful recipe after a long ball night is toast with scrambled eggs, it gives you strength again.

Toast with scrambled eggs

Ingredients for 2 servings

4thPc Eggs
1Tbsp Seasoned Salt
100G Choice of cheese
50G bacon
4thSchb toast

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15 minutes. Total time

15 min. Preparation time

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  1. Cut the bacon into small cubes and roast in a pan. Whisk eggs with herb salt and pour over the bacon. Let simmer over medium heat and stir occasionally.
  2. Add the cheese, stir and let set. In the meantime, toast the toast, place the toast on the plate and spread the scrambled eggs on top.

Tips on the recipe

Garnish with tomato slices if desired.