Grilling with electricity - electric grill

The electric grill has become a popular alternative to grilling with gas or coal. He enthuses grill beginners as well as real grill professionals, because he can grill very precisely, quickly and easily. The most important facts about the electric grill are here.

Clean and fast - with the electric grill

Clean and fast - it's that easy to grill with the electric grill. (Photo by: Depositphotos)

Grilling with heating coils and its advantages

In the electric grill, the electric current provides the energy necessary for grilling. For this purpose there are heating spirals in the device that heat up considerably.

How hot they get can usually be set with a temperature controller. So the temperature can be determined continuously.

This is a great advantage of grilling with electricity:

  • Depending on the food to be grilled and how you want to cook it, the temperature can be set very precisely .
  • Another decisive advantage is the use of electricity. This is always available from the socket, so that neither gas nor coal have to be purchased separately.
  • This advantage is also supported by rapid heating of the electric grill.
  • In addition, there is no smoke, which prevents a neighborhood dispute and enables a carefree barbecue on the balcony.
  • The cleaning of an electric grill is also simple. A drip tray with water, which sits under the heating elements and the food to be grilled, absorbs the fat from the food to be grilled. This not only binds unpleasant smells, but also makes cleaning the grill immensely easier.
  • Electric grills are therefore extremely easy to care for.

In short, grilling with an electric grill is clean, quick, there is no unpleasant smoke and you can also move the grill inside in bad weather.

There are also disadvantages

With the electric grill you always have the perfect temperature.

With the electric grill you always have the perfect temperature for the food. (Photo by: Depositphotos)

There is no doubt that the electric grill not only has advantages, it also has disadvantages. Operation with electricity can be so practical:

  • So there must be a power source . Grilling in the wide field is almost impossible.
  • If you want to grill in the home garden, you may need a long extension cord.
  • However, the use of a long cable is accompanied by voltage drops and excessive heating of the cable.
  • The cable is also a trip hazard, especially at larger parties .

For the electric grill you need a power source, the typical, smoky taste is difficult to achieve and there are usually only small sizes of electric barbecues, so it is not suitable for a small party.

Helpful tips about the electric grill

  1. Buying an electric grill with temperature controller is advisable. In this way, food can also be kept warm without burning it.
  2. Before the first use, the electric grill should run without food.
  3. The electric grill should always be very hot before vegetables, fish and meat get on the grill.
  4. The electric grill should not stand in the blazing sun, otherwise the thermostat may not work properly and the grill may not achieve the required heating output.
  5. A defect in the cable must be eliminated before the next grill.

And a smoky aroma is possible

Some grill fans deny the electric grill that it can be used to prepare dishes aromatically. But this is a misconception. If you use this grill correctly, you will achieve fantastic taste experiences with it, which are no different from grilling with a gas or charcoal grill.

With a few wooden chips you can even achieve a smoky note . This makes the electric grill a good alternative to other grill options .