The zero diet - lose pounds quickly

Lose weight as quickly as possible - this is the great wish of all those who want to implement a zero diet. This article is intended to answer what is permitted or prohibited.

Zero diet - drink a lot

The zero diet lasts 5 - 7 days, followed by two days of development. (Photo by: Wavebreakmedia /

The zero diet is characterized by the fact that the participant does not consume any solid food . Only herbal teas and water are drunk throughout the day so that the body absorbs little or no calories, so zero. That is why one speaks of a zero diet.

Since the human body always needs energy, but there is no calorie intake, there is a pronounced calorie deficit, which cannot be prevented even by a hunger mode. Even on a low flame, the body still uses so much energy that guaranteed success in losing weight occurs.

What is the zero diet?

Almost everyone has already thought about losing weight. For many, the best way to achieve the goal is the zero diet, also called total fasting . For a certain period of time, no solid, but only liquid food is consumed.

This is how the zero diet works

Nothing - except calorie-free mineral water and herbal teas are absorbed by the body during the diet phase. Because with the zero diet, the name says it all: no form of solid food intake is used.

Disadvantages of the zero diet

Zero diet

If you stick to a zero diet, you will be rewarded with a significant weight loss. (Photo by: big_like /

  • The notorious yo-yo effect occurs particularly often with this weight loss method. If the body eats normal food again, there is a violent counter reaction to the diet, which can lead to the weight possibly being even higher than before the loss phase.
  • Great hunger ( food cravings ) can arise when the stomach becomes too empty and the intestines and digestive tract have nothing to do. This can result in discomfort and stomach pain.
  • One of the main disadvantages of this diet is the lack of vital substances . The body cannot produce many vital substances itself, but can only receive them through food. These substances such as minerals, vitamins and fatty acids are vital and protect the body from infections.
  • The body's own protein is constantly broken down from the muscles during the diet. This harbors the danger that many bodily functions can only be insufficiently fulfilled.

Benefits of the zero diet

  • For many people, the zero diet as a radical weight loss method is the most reliable and best functioning weight loss method. You ca n't keep it up for long, but you have short-term success through rapid weight loss.
  • The appetite and feeling of hunger disappear or are covered by the body.
  • The blood sugar level stabilizes because the insulin level remains constant and does not drop immediately after breakfast. Since the body only absorbs water or herbal tea, the level of insulin does not change, which the body reacts to positively.
  • The body is detoxified, which is very pleasant for the liver and kidney. They are flushed out and the digestive tract and intestine are given a break.

What are the alternatives?

Only unsweetened tea or water may be consumed on a zero diet.

Only unsweetened tea or water may be consumed on a zero diet. (Photo by: Vadymvdrobot / Depositphotos)

If you make a few changes to this diet, it will no longer deserve the name of zero diet, but it will change into something new, healthier:

  • Instead of eating nothing at all, there are protein shakes diluted with water - this means that hardly any fat and carbohydrates are added, but very important protein, which is not deposited in fat deposits, but is used for muscle maintenance and enzyme development.
  • Also dietary supplements provide need materials, for example, support the thyroid.

With this gentler method, you can lose weight almost as quickly, but healthier.

Conclusion on the zero diet

A zero diet should only be done for a short period of time, preferably under medical supervision. After a diet you should plan two to three so-called " build-up days ". During this time, the body is slowly introduced to solid food with well-tolerated, plant-based foods, the metabolism and the digestive functions are reactivated.

The diet is only suitable for quickly losing a few kilos for the holiday or a party (if you can keep it up) - the yo-yo effect is almost the rule with this diet.