Apple rose

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This apple rose recipe is a refined dessert made from puff pastry, apples, jam, cinnamon and lemon juice. A sweet pastry to fall in love with, that is prepared in just a few steps. Offer this delicious craft to your loved ones, they will be amazed.

With this apple rose recipe you can definitely impress guests with his baking skills. They look great, taste wonderfully sweet and can be prepared very quickly with only 5 ingredients. This hearty dessert is created from puff pastry, apples, jam, cinnamon and lemon juice in just a few steps. As soon as it comes out of the oven, there is a wonderful wow effect. Here is my simple guide for baking:

Ingredients are for about 6 apple roses

2 pieces of apples (red), 1 piece of puff pastry (ready), 2 tablespoons of jam (any kind), 1 tablespoon of cinnamon, 0.5 pieces of lemon

2 tbsp icing sugar to sprinkle, 1 tbsp butter to brush (melt)

You need a vegetable grater and a muffin tray

Ingredients for apple rose

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First I wash the apples and grate them into thin thin slices with a vegetable grater. You can also cut the apples in half, remove the core and then cut thin apple slices down with a knife. I put the apple slices in any bowl and cover them with water. I squeeze half the lemon and pour the juice over the apples. Stir everything briefly and let it steep for 10 minutes. This will make the apples more flexible for later.

Grate apple pieces

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Meanwhile, I put the puff pastry on a clean work surface and cut it into 6 strips of equal thickness. The strips are about 7-8 cm thick. With the melted butter, I spread the muffin tray and set it aside.

puff pastry

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I spread a thin layer of jam on the puff pastry. I used a prombe jam today. You can of course also use apricot or strawberry jam. Then I place the apple slices on the top half of a puff pastry strip, sprinkle the apples with cinnamon and whisk the bottom half of the puff pastry on the apple slices. Now the whole thing is rolled up firmly. This is how the apple rose is made! Now proceed as above with each strip of dough.

Cover the dough with apple slices

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Place the individual apple roses on the prepared muffin tray and bake in the preheated oven at top and bottom heat, 190 ° C for about 40 minutes.

Apple rose

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Then remove from the oven, carefully remove the apple roses from the muffin tray and let them cool. Now only sprinkle with icing sugar and enjoy the wow effect!

Roll up the dough

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This recipe is really a feast for the eyes. Also fits as a birthday or Valentine's Day surprise. The puff pastry is the basis for this recipe. It can of course also be prepared according to our basic recipe. Be sure to let the apples steep in a water bath, they will be nice and soft and easy to bend. Have fun baking!