Open his own restaurant

First of all: A catering business needs a well thought-out concept, the necessary change and a clear line. A restaurant tour has an infinite number of factors that have to be coordinated. From staff management, calculation, purchasing to food planning. Anyone who has mastered this will certainly succeed in this area.

Restaurant opening

A big dream for many is opening their own restaurant. (Photo by: /

Open your own restaurant

Good food, satisfied guests and a solid foundation - for many, opening their own restaurant is a big dream. Too often, however, inexperienced restaurateurs plunge into the food industry poorly prepared and fail after less time. Because one thing is clear: to found a restaurant and run it successfully is anything but easy. With enough preparation, planning and a successful concept, you should have a fair chance.

The legal requirements

Before you can start with the actual implementation of the restaurant, you should have completed the necessary bureaucracy. In order to open a hospitality business in Austria, you must have Austrian citizenship in addition to being of legal age. Alternatively, belonging to an EU country or equality for other foreigners is sufficient. In addition, you must not have any personal grounds for exclusion, such as certain criminal backgrounds. Since the hospitality industry is a so-called "regulated trade", you need, with a few exceptions, a certificate of proficiency to open a restaurant. These can be obtained through various gastronomic and tourist training and exams.

If you meet these requirements, you should obtain an operating system permit. This ensures that the restaurant meets all legal requirements and does not have to force the checkout later through renovation measures.

Finally, you only have to register the trade with the responsible authority. Then the restaurant can start operating.

The right concept

Develop concept for restaurant

You have to work out your concept every day, then success will come naturally. (Photo by: Kalim /

To successfully enter the restaurant industry, however, a few documents are not enough. If you have not planned the project exactly, you will quickly face the end. To avoid this, you should develop a concept down to the smallest detail early on. You should have a financial reserve to cover the costs. If you start from zero, you can count on a few hundred thousand euros. You should also look for enough qualified staff early enough and draw attention to the restaurant with some marketing. Insurance against possible damage is usually very useful.

But the concept of the restaurant itself is almost more important than that. It includes everything from choosing a suitable location to planning the furnishings and the menu. For a successful restaurant you need something that makes you stand out from the competition. So you should know exactly which clientele you want to address and how this should be achieved.

His own restaurant - for many, that means staying with one line, cooking with local ingredients and serving only dishes that have traditionally been prepared in the surrounding area. That would be ONE concept with which it could work. But there are still many more steps to be taken.

It is a good concept that is particularly suitable for the customer, which distinguishes many successful restaurants from the failed ones.


Opening a restaurant is not an easy task and involves a lot of work. However, if you are ready to plan everything exactly and you have a certain degree of entrepreneurial skill, you have a good chance of fulfilling this dream.