Poppies - rediscover!

The poppy is a intoxicant and is valued as a food. Poppy seeds have been used in domestic cuisine since the 13th century. Whether poppy seed strudel, poppy seed cake, poppy seed cake or poppy seed dumplings, everyone knows these dishes from Grandma's kitchen. The poppy seeds have unique healthy nutrients and are considered a new superfood.

Poppy seeds

Poppy seeds have healthy nutrients and bring power. (Photo by: yelenayemchuk /

Poppy is one of the oldest cult truffles and there are over 100 types of poppy seeds worldwide:

  • The most important or best known is the so-called garden or opium poppy, with its bright red flowers, which is used as food or for oil production.
  • Then there is also the poppy, poppy or the Papaver dubium which are used with us mostly as an ornamental plant.

Info: In Austria, opium poppies may only be grown with a permit due to the opiates they contain - they fall under the Narcotics Act.

The difference between opium poppy and ornamental poppy can be seen on the petals:

  • Opium poppy has 4 petals
  • Ornamental poppy has more than 4 petals

Poppy seeds consist of up to 50% oil ; this can and is obtained by cold pressing . It has recently been produced in Austria and is available as a delicious cooking oil; the price is relatively high. It is ideal for salads and cold dishes and scores with a wonderfully nutty aroma.

It also contains the full power of the poppy seeds, such as:

  • valuable protein
  • B vitamins
  • potassium
  • magnesium
  • Calcium (one of the most calcium-rich foods)

It is therefore not surprising that poppy seeds are counted among the domestic superfoods!

The colors of the poppy seeds provide information about the areas from which they come:

  • Blue poppy : comes from Hungary, Turkey, but also from Australia.
  • Gray poppy: is imported almost exclusively from India. Interesting: In India, white poppy seeds serve as binders for curries and sauces and are used as a substitute for flour.
  • White poppy: The Waldviertel gray poppy g. U., even has a protected designation of origin. The Waldviertel is so well known for its gray poppies because it has been successfully grown and used since the 13th century.

The taste also depends on the color: the blue-black poppy has the strongest taste, the gray poppy tastes much milder and more tender. The white poppy scores with a very nutty aroma.

Important: Blue poppy seeds are naturally contaminated with morphine, which comes from the milky capsule juice and should be washed well with warm water before consumption. This type of poppy is NOT suitable for children. The poppy seeds we offer in the supermarket are completely harmless and do not cause intoxication.

Info: Up to 30,000 grains can be harvested from a spherical poppy capsule.

Poppy seed strudel

A hearty poppy seed strudel is always welcome. (Photo by: olhaafanasieva /

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  • Poppy seed cake
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Poppies are not only found in Austria for sweets or in grandma's kitchen. But it is used to bake and decorate, because in addition to a great aroma, it also offers a wealth of nutrients .

Whole poppy seeds are sprinkled on pastries; Once ground, it is used in desserts, creams, but also in hearty, hearty dishes.

Info: Ground poppy seeds quickly become rancid, so only buy them in small quantities and process them straight away. Whole poppy seeds can be stored in a cool place for several months.

Whichever poppy you prefer, due to its many valuable ingredients, it is one of the superfoods and enriches every meal plan!