European Street Food Festival

The European Street Food Festival with food trucks and dishes from more than 25 countries is touring through Austria - here are some impressions from the event pyramid Vösendorf.

Event pyramid Vösendorf

The area of ​​the event pyramid Vösendorf has turned into a colorful fair. Delicacies from all over the world are pre-programmed at this European Street Food Festival. The range of food and drinks is huge. Street food is sold at stands or trolleys. The food is freshly prepared, before the eyes of the buyer. Small snacks that are served in paper plates and served as finger food. An idea that finds more and more fans.

Austrian Food Truck

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Creative culinary delight

Gourmets and gourmets are in the right place here. The selection is terrific! Whether spicy or sweet, hearty or healthy, vegetarian or vegan, cupcakes or ice cream specialties, wraps or pancakes, Kaiserschmarrn or sauerkraut. Here everyone will find creative delicacies that are prepared in no time. From local delicacies to Iranian delicacies you will find a wide range.

Styrian food truck

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Delicious tips

The palette is far from over and goes much further: Homemade Burges & French Fries, Chocolate Brownies, Apple Strudel, Omis Apricot Dumplings, Indian Specialties, Chicken Biryani, Sabzi Biryani - vegan, Mango Lassi, Samosa - vegan, Oysters, Scallops, Sashimi, Kangaroo Burger & Dog & Steak, Seafood Gumbo, Crepes sweet and savory, Shrimp & Salmon dishes, Shrimp & Salmon Burger, Shrimp Tortilla, Shrimp Skewer, Shrimp Soup, Venezuelan delicacies such as Empanadas, Cachapas or Hot Dogs, Homemade Gnocchi with Various sauces - sweet and savory, and cannali siciliani, Hungarian langos, grill specialties, langos burgers, filled langos, herbs, spices, Schilerol - sprinkler drink from Schilcher, Viennese soup pot, chicken soup with leek, potato mushroom soup, carrot ginger soup,Curry coconut soup, waffles, various smoothies, sandwiches and not to forget fish dishes and so on.

Strudel House

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Overview of tour dates

Something delicious very quickly. Small appetizers that taste piquant or sweet. Specialties for every taste. In abundance! So you don't even know where to start and you can't get out of raving anymore. There are still enough dates to visit this festival:

Here are the other tour dates:

  • 12.-14. February 2016 - DORNBIRN - exhibition hall 13 + 14
  • 19-21 February 2016- RIED / INNKREIS - exhibition hall 14 + 15 + 16
  • 26-28 February 2016 - INNSBRUCK - Messehalle D
  • 04.-06. March 2016 - ST. PÖLTEN - VAZ
  • 11.-13. March 2016 - WR. NEUSTADT - Arena Nova
  • 18th-20th March 2016 - WELS - exhibition hall 1 + 5
  • 25-28 March 2016 - SALZBURG / BERGHEIM - Brandboxx
  • 01.-03. April 2016 - GRAZ - List Halle
  • 15-17 April 2016 - OBERWART - Burgenland Halle
  • 22.-24. April 2016 - LINZ - Tips Arena

Burger checker

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Multi culture on paper plates

At this street food festival you can expect taste, quick food and multi-cultural on the paper plate. What you do not need to expect is a high price of the individual dishes, since they are only appetizers that can be tasted. You can say goodbye to the rule that you have to pay admission to such a festival and then get everything for free. A minimum price of € 3 at the cash register per adult - children up to 12 are free of charge - you have to take into account. The food trucks, chefs & exhibitors from all over the world promise fast processing when ordering and paying for food & drinks.

watch while cooking

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Classic specialties

Here you will definitely get a taste of it and it is really worth seeing how you can watch while cooking and how the individual ingredients are processed harmoniously. The chefs are well prepared for a rush of people. Koch artists with a unique basis who achieve a desired result. We looked for quick specialties with a kick and found classics in different ways that simply taste wonderful.