Pizza ring cake

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A pizza ring cake looks just great and is always a surprise. From yeast dough and a savory fullness - onion, garlic, ham, bell pepper, tomatoes, cheese and spices, this unusual "pizza" becomes an extravagant taste experience.

This refined pizza ring cake looks great and tastes great for the whole family. As soon as the spicy Gugelhupf is cut, there is a sophisticated world of taste that you can discover. How it is prepared, what you need for it and everything else you want to know about it can be found here step by step. Come on a little cooking adventure that is guaranteed to bring joy.

Ingredients for a pizza ring cake:

Ingredients for a pizza ring cake

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  • for the dough: 2 pieces of yeast dough (ready) - or 1 kg homemade
  • for the fullness: 100 g ham sausage, 1 piece onion, 1 piece garlic, 2 pieces paprika (red, yellow, green), 5 pieces cocktail tomatoes, 1 stick leek, 3 tablespoons dried spices (marjoram, basil, oregano), 1 pinch of salt
  • to spread: 100 g tomato sauce, 2 tbsp sour cream
  • for sprinkling: 200 g cheese (variety of your choice)
  • for the Gugelhupf mold: 2 tbsp butter to spread

First I make a sauce from the tomato paste and sour cream. I mix both ingredients in any bowl and put the sauce aside. The sauce is later used to spread the dough. We continue with the vegetables. I first cut peppers (red, yellow, green) onion and garlic into small pieces. I cut the leek into fine strips and cut the cocktail tomatoes in the middle. Finally, cut the ham into small pieces.

Now I coat the Gugelhupf mold well with melted butter and line the mold with the yeast dough. This time I used a ready-made yeast dough for this pizza ring cake. Of course it also works with a homemade yeast dough. The dough should protrude slightly over the form.

Gugelhupf form with yeast dough

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Now it's the turn of the tomato sauce, with the sauce the whole dough is spread well. Then I take the whole cut vegetables and the ham, spread it evenly in the form or on the batter. Sprinkle dried spices over it and salt a little. Finally, the grated cheese comes on top.

Gugelhupf filled

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Now spread the second piece of dough on the Gugelhupf. I carefully seal the Gugelhupf with the batter. To do this, place the second piece of dough over the form, make a hole in the middle so that the raised part of the form looks out of the dough. So that the filling is nicely packed with the dough, I add the dough that previously protruded over the form.

Close the ring cake with the dough

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Bake in the preheated oven at 220 ° C for approx. 25 minutes, middle rail. Switch back to 200 ° C for the last 10 minutes.

baked pizza ring cake

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As soon as the Gugelhupf has reached a nice golden brown color after 25 minutes, I take it out of the oven.

Pizza ring cake out of shape

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Fall out of shape while still warm, voilà - mhmm I'm looking forward to it!

sliced ​​pizza ring cake

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Gugelhupf can be served hot, whole. As soon as you cut the first piece down, the filling falls smoothly towards you, wonderful! Here is the recipe to read: Pizza Gugelhupf.


Do not use too many tomatoes for the filling, otherwise it will become too fluid inside the Gugelhupf. And cut the vegetables nice and small, my vegetables were cut a little too big. Oh yes, if you want, you can brush the batter with whisked egg before it goes into the oven. Of course, the abundance can be refined with many other delicious ingredients, there are no limits to your imagination and taste - enjoy it!