Interview with celebrity chef Mike Süsser

Mike Süsser is an excellent top chef from Austria and known to many from the RTL2 program "Die Kochprofis" or also from "Süsser am Morgen". We asked him about the job and training to become a chef.

Mike Süsser in his favorite activity - cooking.

Mike Süsser in his favorite activity - cooking. (Photo by: Mike Süsser)

Hi Mike - has cooking always been your passion, or were there any other career aspirations?

Mike: I wanted to be a captain, I also started training as a sailor but asked to learn to cook as I was in the galley all the time!

What is your typical favorite Austrian meal and what do you dislike?

Mike: boiled beef - I love it !! I'm not a fan of offal …

What are absolute culinary "no-gos" for you?

Mike: if you don't treat love and humility with food!

Which elements are typical of your kitchen - what makes your kitchen and food special?

Mike: I like the game of sweet, salty, hot … tangy … but it doesn't always work …

Do you actually have culinary role models - or who would you like to cook with?

Mike: So Eckart Witzigmann is already an idol … but I would like to cook with the Klitschko brothers …

Everyone is talking about organic trend - what do you think of it - and is there still organic from your point of view?

Mike: the organic idea is correct and good, whether the implementation is actually still flawless … Hmmm I wonder …

What about your home? Is there a star dish every day?

Mike: sooooo ordinary kitchen !!!

How do you know if someone has kitchen / cooking talent?

Mike: the taste is decisive there … then there are many important building blocks that you can learn, but what everyone has to have: he must be stress-resistant!

What do you like about Austria as a German?

Mike: everything? People, landscape, culture and cuisine!

How do you earn money?

Mike: with cooking? … ok, a little bit of TV is included …

How many hours do you work per day?

Mike: under 12 never, very often far above …

What or which project are you planning next?

Mike: I signed next to my 12 year old cooking school for 20 episodes at Kabel 1 this year … I'm not getting bored!