Restaurant jobs briefly explained

Working in a restaurant can be complex. Because there are many different job titles that at first glance do not reveal what this job is about.

Jobs in the restaurant

A companion cook is a great help in every restaurant. (Photo by: Wavebreakmedia /

Assistant cook

The assistant cook is also called kitchen aid or aide de cuisine and refers to a helper in the kitchen.


The boucher is responsible for preparing meat in the kitchen. The job title comes from the French and means butcher or butcher.


The person who takes care of the drinks outside the bar is called the buffetier. A buffet is therefore a waiter, so to speak.

Chef de Cuisine

Chef de Cuisine means chef in German. This is responsible for the entire general process in the kitchen, such as purchasing goods, menu and duty rosters.

Chef de Partie

The Chef de Partie could be compared to a department head, because this person is responsible for a certain area in the kitchen, for example barbecuing.

Chef Entremétier

The Chef Entremétier is the department head of the side dishes.

Chef Gardemanger

The Chef Gardemanger is the head of the cold food division.

Chief Instructor

The chief instructor is responsible for all apprentices.

Chef Pâtissier

The Chef Pâtissier is the department head of the kitchen confectioners or bakers.

Chef Saucier

The Chef Saucier is the head of the "Sauces" division.

Chef Tournant

Chef Tournant is the head of the Springer department.

Chief Steward

The Chief Steward is essential for the smooth running behind the scenes of a restaurant.

Commis de Partie

The Commis de Partie is often called the Commis de Cuisine and describes the post of the young chef.

Commis Pâtissier

The Commis Pâtissier is a young chef specializing in desserts.

Commis Tournant

The Commis Tournant is a young chef who is used as a jumper in all areas.

Corporate Chef

The Corporate Chef heads all kitchen staff.

Kitchen staff

The kitchen staff must be managed by a good corporate chef. (Photo by: Wavebreakmedia /

Demi Chef de Cuisine

This item describes the deputy chef.

Demi Chef de Partie

Demi Chef de Partie is a deputy head of department and shift manager.

Demi Chef Pâtissier

Demi Chef Pâtissier designates the deputy head of the kitchen confectioners.


The Entremétier is responsible for the side dishes, egg dishes and vegetables.

Food Designer

A food designer is responsible for the visual design of the food.

Food Production Controller

The controller is responsible for cost optimization, but also for the warehouse.

Food Safety & Sanitation Officer

This position is about compliance with food regulations and laws.


cook The breakfast cook prepares breakfast, be it in buffet or brunch form.

Guard manager

The guard manager is responsible for cold dishes such as salads or breakfast platters.


The Grillardin is responsible for grilling.


This job designates the person in charge of the starters. He also helps the guard manager with salads and sauces.

Junior Chef

A junior chef is a young chef.

Junior sous chef

The junior sous chef is a young chef's assistant.


Unlike the Entremétier, the Légumier is only responsible for the vegetables.


The poissonnier is responsible for warm fish dishes. He is also responsible for the sauces of these dishes as well as other mollusc, crustacean and shellfish dishes.


The potager is responsible for all types of soups.


The Regimier is responsible for the preparation of diet dishes.


This job is responsible for the preparation of roasts from beef, pork, poultry and game.


This item designates the person responsible for the salads.


The sauce boat is responsible for sauces.

Show cook

The show cook can be watched while the food is being prepared.

Sous Chef

The Sous Chef reports to the Chef de Cuisine and also his deputy.


A Tournant has to be familiar with all areas of the kitchen, because he has to step in if someone is missing.