Sauce boats

The perfect presentation of fine dishes flatters the eye of the beholder and maximizes the enjoyment. The sauce puts the juice in the very best light.

Sauce boats

A sauce boat is a creamy sauce and is often served as a side dish with meat. (Photo by: StephanieFrey /

The sauce makes the difference

An overwhelming sauce makes the difference between everyday food and great kitchen art. The creamy liquid flatters the components of a dish. It convinces in the main course as a velvety sauce mirror on a preheated plate and is just as successful as a fruity base in the imaginative dessert as a cool beauty.

The kitchen technique of saucepaning describes the placement of the sauce as an independent element under or next to the other components. Meat, fish, poultry and vegetables are served on this tasty base or next to it.

If sauce is used for a dessert, ice cream, fruit and creams are also placed on or next to the mirror made from fruit, vanilla or chocolate sauce. The opposite kind of sauce is napping. The fine juice comes over the already arranged components.

No matter which technique of serving you choose: Every menu is a success with an ample reserve of flavor-intensive sauce that is stored in a nice sauce boat.

Optical highlights of the sauce are:

Asparagus with Hollandaise

Pesto Genovese

Pear Helene Sauce