Whisk - whisk

When whisking, ingredients of a recipe, usually for a batter, are thoroughly stirred by a suitable device and mixed together.


Viscous dishes are whisked with a whisk or whisk. (Photo by: magone /

The whirring

A whisk is used to whisk . This can be a hand mixer or a machine-operated device. Most hand mixers have two whisk inserts. Whisks consist of a rod extension for gripping (or for use in the mixer) and, at the other end, solid, strand-like extensions which are intended to "break open" the individual ingredients, such as eggs and flour, and mix them together. This is supported by fast, firm stirring movements, which in most cases are carried out by the blender.

Sense of whisking

The aim of the whisking is to get a homogeneous dough mass . Most doughs develop their best baking ability when all the individual ingredients merge evenly and are evenly distributed. Individual lumps, for example made of flour, would be recognizable in the baking result and would have a negative impact on the appearance and taste.

Examples in the kitchen

The best-known batter is called whisking, i.e. very thorough mixing, in its name: The batter is one of the most important components of numerous cakes. An omelette also works best with thoroughly whisked eggs.

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