How do you eat a kumquat?

If you only use kumquats for decorative purposes, you underestimate the so-called dwarf oranges. Learn how to eat kumquat here.


The Asian kumquat looks like a mini orange. (Photo by: © olyina /

The heat-loving plant originally comes from Asia (China). Today kumquat is also grown in Africa, America and southern Europe (southern France).

The kumquat is a 5 cm long yellow -orange plum-shaped or round fruit . It is also known as dwarf orange or dwarf bitter orange and is one of the citrus plants.

The bowl of kumquat tastes bitter sweet. The flesh, however, is bitter to sour (similar to a lemon). The large edible seeds of this fruit are distributed in the pulp, which is divided into six segments.

Info: With this fruit you can eat both the pulp, the skin and the kernels.

That's how you are kumquats

  • The kumquat is eaten raw as fresh fruit.
  • It is usually eaten completely with the bowl and seeds. Therefore, you have to wash the fruit thoroughly with cold water.
  • After that, the style approach should be removed.
  • If you don't like the seeds, cut the fruit in half and remove the seeds with a knife.

Tip: If you take the fruit of the kumquat in your hand and roll it back and forth in it, the bowl unfolds its special fragrance, becomes sweeter and less bitter. Rolling in hand causes essential oils to separate from the bowl and soften it.

Info: The kumquat tastes a bit bitter overall than a normal orange.

Maturity and storage

If the kumquat is offered by us, it is ripe and can be consumed.

It can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 weeks - frozen it can even be enjoyed for 5-6 months.

Info: We can also grow a kumquat tree as an ornamental tree or houseplant and, if it grows well, also bears edible fruit.


Like many other exotic fruits, the fruits of kumquat are rich in vitamin C . They also contain a lot of calcium, potassium, magnesium and a little copper.

Use in the kitchen

  • In addition to consumption as fresh fruit, which is appreciated by gourmets because of its fruity tart taste, the kumquat is also often used to make jam, compote, jam and jelly.
  • The kumquat is also often eaten dried .
  • Even in rum, the kumquat is a pleasure if you put it in the rum pot with pears, pineapple, mango, lychee or prickly pear.
  • Their taste is also very suitable for the preparation of cocktails.
  • It is an excellent way to refine desserts, fruit salads and desserts.
  • Covered with chocolate, the kumquat is a particularly delicate delicacy. You can also put them in sugar syrup.
  • When baking, the kumquat can be used instead of orange peel, also ground. There are many recipes for this exotic fruit.
  • Halved kumquats can be filled with whipped cream or marzipan, for example.
  • For the lover of alcoholic delights, it is recommended to put the kumquats in whiskey together with a cinnamon stick, similar to the rum pot. This whiskey pot remains for four weeks.

A few recipe tips:

  • Semolina with kumquats
  • Caramelized kumquats
  • Kumquats in the bacon jacket
  • Yogurt with kumquat
  • Kumquat compote

Info: In Germany, the fruit is less valued for its taste, but more for its external appearance. The kumquat is therefore ideal for decoration.

On every cold buffet, on cold plates, meat and fish dishes and on the plate, the kumquat is always an eye-catcher, both as a whole fruit and cut open.

Info: Kumquats always go well with all dishes that would use oranges.