How do you eat an avocado?

The avocado is becoming increasingly popular with us. Although the skin and core are not edible, the pulp is very nutritious. But how do you separate the pulp from the rest of the fruit? Here's how to eat an avocado.


The avocado is still considered exotic in our kitchen, but that should change soon. (Photo by: © volff /

The avocado is originally from Mexico . The Aztecs already cultivated this fruit. Nowadays it is planted worldwide in the tropics as well as in Israel, Chile, California, Australia and New Zealand.


The avocado is rich in healthy, simple, unsaturated fats and also contains many vitamins such as A, D, E and K, carotenoids, biotin, folic acid and calcium. 100 grams of pulp consist of around 24 percent healthy fat and has almost no carbohydrates. Due to the high degree of saturation and the many fibers, it is also ideal for a diet .

Info: 100 grams of avocado has almost 200 calories, but these are healthy, mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids that also have a positive effect on cholesterol levels.

This is how you eat avocados

First the avocado is divided in half and then the core is removed.

First the avocado is divided in half and then the core is removed. (Photo by: fredredhat /

To get the delicious flesh of the avocado, you should proceed as follows:

  1. Cut the avocado on the long side, all the way to the core. Then, with a little pressure and twisting, loosen the two avocado halves from the core on one half.
  2. Chop on the core with the cutting side of a knife and remove or lift out the core by turning it slightly.
  3. Variant 1: Now the pulp is released with a spoon around the skin. The avocado can then be processed further.
  4. Variant 2: First cut the flesh lengthwise and then widthwise with the knife up to the skin. Then the fruit is turned inside out so that the individual cubes can be easily removed from the bowl.

Tip: The avocado pulp should immediately be drizzled with a little lemon or lime juice, otherwise it will quickly turn brown.

Maturity and storage

Due to the long transport route, only unripe fruits are offered in the trade. In this state, they are still hard .

In contrast to other exotic fruits, the avocado fruit can be ripened by storing it at home. If the skin gives way slightly under pressure, the fruit is ripe. The ripening process can be accelerated if the avocado is stored together with an apple or banana. The gas ethene escaping from the apple / banana helps with the ripening.

The skin of certain types of avocado is edible and very healthy. Always wash the fruit well before eating, even if the peel is not eaten!

The core of the avocado is edible : carefully remove the outer shell from the core with a knife. Then finely cut or grate the inner core, then use it to refine food or for a tea - however, the core also contains toxins, so the core is not suitable for the elderly, pregnant women and children.

Best-known avocado varieties:

  • Bacon: green smooth skin
  • Edranol: smooth dark green bowl, pear-shaped
  • Ettinger: green smooth skin, pear-shaped
  • Fuerte: green smooth skin, pear-shaped, very aromatic.
  • Hate: dark green to black, rather wrinkled skin, nutty aroma, yellowish green flesh
  • Nabal: green smooth skin, almost round, low fat content.
  • Reed: green smooth skin, yellow fleshy and aromatic
  • Ryan: green, rough shell
  • Wurtz: smooth skin, green, slim, pear-shaped
  • Mini avocados or cocktail avocados: green skin, small, cucumber-shaped, seed-free

Info: There are over 400 varieties of avocado worldwide.

Use in the kitchen

The most famous avocado dish is guacamole from Mexico.

The most famous avocado dish is guacamole from Mexico. (Photo by: Brebca /

The most common preparation is to puree the pulp with a fork or blender. The resulting avocado is seasoned with salt or herbal salt, pepper or chilli.

Depending on your personal taste, the avocado can be refined with garlic, cucumber, yoghurt, onion, etc.

The use of lemon or lime juice is generally recommended when processing the avocado to prevent the pulp from browning.

The most famous recipe with avocado is a guacamole .

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Info: The avocado should only be used and eaten as raw food . If you heat it, it becomes bitter and inedible, it spoils every dish by being cooked.