How do you eat a Cherimoya?

You can halve the Cherimoya unpeeled and spoon it out like a kiwi, you eat it raw and pure or with lemon juice. This versatile fruit is also a real treat in connection with alcohol.


The flesh of the Cherimoya is particularly sweet and is one of the tastiest fruits. (Photo by: © Andreas Fischer /

A Cherimoya is a rather unknown, heart-shaped, exotic fruit (bottle tree fruit) that originally comes from Peru and Ecuador - it is also called sugar apple . The fruits available from us mostly come from Spain, Israel, Chile, Brazil, California or Mexico. The season for this is from September to February.

The flesh of a cherimoya tastes soft, tender, slightly sweet and has a fine aroma that is reminiscent of a mixture of banana, pineapple and cinnamon.

Tip: With this fruit, both the skin and the pulp are edible, only the seeds should be removed beforehand, but mostly only the pulp is eaten or used.

How do you eat a Cherimoya?

  • The ripe cherimoya is halved lengthways.
  • The inedible, large, loose kernels are relatively easy to knock out. Simply turn the fruit over and tap lightly on the skin. If this does not work, you can take it out with a spoon.
  • You can spoon them out like a kiwi fruit, but first cut the fruit halves crosswise, deeply.
  • A little sprinkled vanilla sugar lifts the wonderful aroma of this fruit.
  • Except for the coffee bean-sized, dark seeds that sit loosely in the pulp, everything is edible, including the skin. But it does not have to be eaten.

Tip: To prevent the fruit flesh from discolouring quickly, sprinkle the pulp with lemon or lime juice, similar to an avocado.

Purchasing and storage

Diabetics should be careful with Cherimoyas due to their high sugar content.

Diabetics should be careful with Cherimoyas due to their high sugar content. (Photo by: Fabio Di Natale /

The fruit is harvested unripe because of the long transport. The gray-green, firm cherimoya is said to ripen wrapped in paper at room temperature.

As soon as it gives way to light pressure and the skin turns slightly brown, it is ripe and ready to eat. The Cherimoya should then be eaten within a period of 8 days.

Tip: This exotic never wants to be stored in the refrigerator.

How healthy is she

A cherimoya has a high content of fructose, glucose and sucrose . Potassium, calcium, phosphorus, copper, magnesium and vitamin C make the sugar apple a particularly healthy fruit.

How can you prepare this exotic fruit?

Depending on what you want to make of the Cherimoya apart from enjoying the fresh pulp, the pulp can be crushed, passed, mashed, passed through a sieve or cut into cubes.

As a delicious smoothie, the exotic fruit is a real taste explosion.

As a delicious smoothie, the exotic fruit is a real taste explosion. (Photo by: oliavectorolirz /

  • The Cherimoya is preferred for fruit salad, creams, exotic desserts and mixed drinks. This fruit gives it a special note and is particularly refreshing when refrigerated.
  • Together with sweet liqueur, rum fruits or sparkling wine you experience a taste explosion.
  • A cream made from eggs, sugar, rum, stiff whipped cream and the spices cardamom and nutmeg becomes an exceptional dessert with Cherimoya cubes.
  • Another uncommon dish is a halved, cross-cut cherimoya, on which finely chopped smoked ham and horseradish are added. A pinch of sugar and pepper round off this best served ice-cold starter.

Important note:

When using it, make absolutely sure that none of the Cherimoya gets on the clothing - it creates stains that are very difficult to remove .