How do you eat a star fruit (carambola)?

The star fruit (carambola) is often used for decorative purposes. But this exotic fruit can do even more. The star fruit originally comes from Southeast Asia. Nowadays it is grown worldwide in the tropics and subtropics. Find out here how versatile the star fruit can be.

Star fruit carambola

If you cut the carambola across, you get star-shaped slices, hence star fruit. (Photo by: © Eva Gruendemann /

What is a star fruit?

The star fruit is a juicy fruit that originally comes from Southeast Asia (India and Malaysia), from a 10 to 25 meter high, evergreen tree. It has a special appearance and can be used in the form of stars for different dishes. It is very rich in vitamins A, C and potassium and therefore very healthy.

Info: The taste of the fruit is refreshingly slightly acidic to sweet.

How to eat a star fruit

The star fruit can be eaten in different ways, such as:

  • Wash the star fruit well
  • Cut ends
  • cut along the edge with a sharp knife, perpendicular to the longitudinal axis
  • Remove cores if necessary

Buy and store star fruit

Ripe fruits can be recognized by their green to golden yellow color - light green fruits are not yet ripe. You should also have no brown spots. The star fruit has the optimal ripeness if it has a yellowish color.

Since many people use the star fruit as an edible decoration, it should make a good impression on the outside. However, slightly brown outer edges are not an indication of a lower quality.

If the fruit is still light green, it can be stored at around 10 ° C for about 7-10 days because it ripens a bit. Ripe (yellow) fruits can be kept for around 3-5 days.

Star fruit in the kitchen

The star fruit also cuts an excellent figure in fruit salads.

The star fruit also cuts an excellent figure in fruit salads. (Photo by: UJac /

The carambola can be processed in the kitchen in different ways.

For example, you can make a delicious chutney from it:

To do this, the star fruit is first cooked softly. Then it is crushed to a pulp and seasoned with salt, pepper, ginger and sugar or alternatively honey. If desired, a little curry powder and anise can also be added. The carambola chutney goes perfectly with roasts or meat fondue.

The star fruit can also be used for many other dishes. Due to the fact that it goes very well with many other fruits, it is also ideal as a component of a fruit salad with bananas, strawberries, pineapple, kiwi and mango. This can be refined with a little lemon vinaigrette or orange glaze or garnished with grated coconut.

The star fruit can also be used for the following dishes:

  • exotic garnish to ice
  • Part of a cake or bread
  • Accompanying poultry or seafood
  • jam
  • Part of a smoothie