Cook low in calories

Hardly anyone is satisfied with their figure and there are problem areas that you would like to get rid of. A diet is a good idea and when it comes to dieting, there are always calories involved. You can find out how to cook with low calories here.

Low calorie

Eating low calories with the right recipes is easier than you think. (Photo by: © sarsmis /

"Slim and healthy" is the desired goal for many overweight people. If you want to lose weight permanently, you should change your diet and cook with low calories .

Less fat and carbohydrates save a lot of calories. But the good taste should not suffer.

The following general tips will help you save calories with simple means:

Tip 1: replace sugar

Cooking yourself makes sense, because there is a lot of sugar hidden in finished products. Stevia and liquid sweeteners are suitable as sugar substitutes when cooking.

Be careful with the dosage: Stevia sweetens more than a comparable amount of sugar!

Link tip: recipes with stevia

Tip 2: Avoid carbohydrates in the evening

It should go quickly in the evening . Pasta, rice and potatoes taste good and fill you up. Unfortunately, they provide too much energy, which we no longer need at this time of day, unless a visit to the sports studio is planned.

Lighter alternatives also taste good here: an omelet with spinach, a salad with lean meat or vegetable sticks with a yoghurt and herb dip are better choices for the figure and easily digestible.

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Tip 3: Use lean meats

Too much fat should be cut away and the meat seasoned or marinated more.

Too much fat should be cut away and the meat seasoned or marinated more. (Photo by: lsantilli / Depositphotos)

Instead of pork, use chicken or turkey meat (without skin !!). If you don't want to do without pork, you should always cut off the visible fat.

Tip 4: grill all year round

Grilling is low in calories and gentle on vitamins . Not only in summer is it a good alternative to cooking. There are special grill pans on the market that bring grilled food to the plate all year round.

Info: You don't always have to grill meat - grill vegetables.

Tip 5: Use fat-saving cookware

Steamers or Roman pans do not need fat. With non-stick coated dishes, such as. B. pans, just brush the bottom with a few drops of oil to fry them a bit crispy.

Finished Fried dab before serving on all sides with paper towels. This way, excess fat ends up in the paper and not on the plate.

Tip 6: No ready-made sauces and sauce binders

With home-made sauces you really know something inside.

With home-made sauces you really know something inside. (Photo by: lenyvavsha / Depositphotos)

Ready-made sauces contain many hidden calories from sugar. Sauce binder consists of starch, that is pure carbohydrates.

A spoonful of creme fraiche also binds well and tastes better. Instead of ready-made sauces, you should mix your own sauces with yoghurt and quark . Herbs, dumplings, strained or diced vegetables provide the taste.

Here are a few recipes for homemade sauces.

Tip: Instead of whipped cream, you can also use low-calorie yogurt for sauces and cream soups.

Tip 7: show pizza calorie-conscious

If you make your own pizza, you can replace the usual fat topping with low-calorie variants. Cooked ham (instead of fat salami) and lots of vegetables are lean and taste good too.

It's better to use spicy cheese, but less so.

Tip 8: Do not use breading

The breading not only consists of bread crumbs, but also soaks up fat when roasting . This way even the least calorie piece of meat becomes a calorie bomb.

With a marinade made from fresh herbs, the meat tastes at least as good.

Tip: You don't have to do without fries either, but you should prepare them in the oven or in the hot air fryer (without oil or fat).

Tip 9: Make delicious desserts yourself

Low calorie yogurt

Healthy yogurt with fruits has few calories and tastes good. (Photo by: © olhaafanasieva /

Mix the curd cheese and yogurt in equal parts with a little milk to a smooth cream. Add some liquid sweetener as needed. With fresh fruits, simple desserts are always a pleasure and a wonderful alternative to common high-calorie desserts.

Tip 10: Cook in the oven or in the steamer

Many dishes can be prepared in the oven with little fat and crispy .

Cooking in the roasting tube is particularly suitable. It's very simple: season the meat, add the broth, tie the bag and put it in the oven!

Roasted potatoes are a calorie bomb from the pan. When cooked in the oven, they have much fewer calories and are crispier than from the pan.

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Our conclusion

If you want to eat a calorie-conscious and healthy diet, you shouldn't leave the ingredients to others, but cook yourself. You should generally avoid finished products.

Often, small changes are enough to bring a popular low-calorie dish to the plate without having to sacrifice flavor.