Cook low-fat

Some people refuse high-fat food right from the start because they want to stay slim and slim. Others may need to eat low-fat due to illness. But the basic rule applies to everyone: Cooking and eating low-fat does not mean preparing a meal without taste. It can taste very delicious even without fat. See for yourself.

Low fat chicken

Chicken meat is low in fat and tastes wonderful when grilled. (Photo by: © koss13 /

Overweight and obesity are increasing across Europe and lead to cardiovascular diseases in many people with increasing age.

One reason is stress in everyday life and at work, which often leads to wrong eating habits . Those who cook low in fat avoid excess weight or are able to lose too many pounds.

Tips to cook low-fat

  • Remove fat from soups and sauces
  • Use low-fat sauces
  • Use marinade instead of breading
  • Use an oven instead of a Pfandl to cook dishes
  • Steaming instead of roasting
  • Fry low-fat with the pan (possibly in a coated pan)
  • Use mineral water instead of oil to fry fried eggs
  • Combine soups and sauces with potatoes
  • Steam cooking
  • Fry meat in the oven

Remove fat from sauces and broths

Fat can be easily extracted from homemade sauces and soups . Place the sauce or soup in the fridge overnight and let cool. Until the next day, solid fat settles on the top - remove it with a spoon.

A tip: fat sauces are easy to avoid. A low-fat yogurt sauce tastes just as good as whipped cream and contributes to low-fat cooking. The same applies to a cream soup.

Use marinade instead of breading

A breading that wraps fish or meat tastes delicious. The disadvantage is that it absorbs the fat from the pan like a sponge. Therefore breading is not suitable for a low-fat diet .

It is better to marinate pieces of meat, poultry or fish. This means soaking these foods in a liquid so that they absorb spices and their aromas and can then be roasted low in fat or steamed in steam .

Oven instead of deposit

When frying in a pan with oil, the food soaks up in the fat.

When frying in a pan with oil, the food soaks up in the fat. (Photo by: bandd / Depositphotos)

Anyone who thinks about cooking and prepares less classic recipes in the Pfandl or in the deep fryer, but fries and other dishes in the oven or in the hot air fryer, consumes less fat. The dishes, when prepared in this way, taste no less good.

Include new preparation methods such as steaming in everyday cooking

Quite a few foods that many people usually prepare in the pan can be steamed . This means cooking in a little liquid on a low heat.

When steaming, valuable nutrients are retained and it saves fat. This method of preparation also maintains the aroma and makes meat and poultry tender and juicy.

Link tip: More information on steaming and steaming.

Low-fat roast in the Pfandl

If you don't want to do without roasting fish and meat in the Pfandl, you can save fat in the following ways:

  • Use kitchen paper to suck off excess fat from the food
  • use a coated pan

After frying, place the fish or meat on a plate with kitchen paper and dab carefully on all sides. In this way, excess fat can be removed from fish and meat.

A coated pan can also be used to save fat. The non-stick coating prevents the food from sticking easily. For this reason, fat is almost unnecessary.

Fry eggs in mineral water

A fried without fat fry - unthinkable. Still it works. Put two tablespoons of mineral water for an egg in the heated pan and wait for the water to boil. Then beat the egg in it and fry as usual. The fried egg then looks exactly like fried in oil.

Tie with potatoes

Soups and sauces can be combined with potatoes instead of whipped cream or butter . To do this, finely grate the peeled peel, the strength of which binds, into the soup or sauce.

Choose the right size

Less oil in salad dressing is just a small but fairly simple tip to reduce fat.

Less oil in salad dressing is just a small but fairly simple tip to reduce fat. (Photo by: bartoszluczak.y / Depositphotos)

Salad dressings often contain a lot of fat. This can be avoided by moderate mixing with a teaspoon or tablespoon. This means that if you use these utensils and do not put oil or butter into the salad by feeling, you will be able to save a lot of fat.

Steam cooking

If you plan to cook fat-free, it is best to use a steamer. In this way, side dishes, potatoes, rice, fish and many types of meat can be cooked completely without adding fat. If you do not have such a device at home, you can replace this method by braising in the oven.

Link tip: More information on steam cooking .

Fry meat in the oven?

If you intend to roast meat in the oven, you don't have to pour fat or oil on it all the time. It is better to put the meat on root vegetables and add little water.

The advantage: the root vegetables give the gravy an excellent taste.

More tips and tricks for low-fat cooking

  • Replace whipped cream and milk with coconut milk.
  • Use low-fat meat (e.g. poultry (without skin), ground beef, cooked ham, etc.).
  • Instead of fat, you can also put baking paper in the pan and fry on it.
  • Use cocoa powder instead of chocolate when baking.
  • Ready meals often contain a lot of fat - so don't do it.
  • Instead of oil, you can also make a dressing with a soup.
  • Serve low-calorie vegetable side dishes without hearty sauces.
  • In many recipes, half of the butter can also be replaced by applesauce when baking.
  • Thickening soups and sauces also works with cornstarch.
  • Choose low-fat preparation methods such as steaming or steaming.
  • Butter can often be replaced by vegetable oils.
  • and many more.

Our conclusion

fresh fruit salad

A fruit salad is a healthy snack and absolutely fat-free. (Photo by: © pilipphoto /

Low-fat cooking often means escaping a cycle that is capable of serious health consequences. Those who cook low-fat lose long-term pounds and live healthier.

Regular exercise and a balanced diet are prerequisites.

Cooking low-fat is not that difficult. You don't have to give up any fat right away, but it does make sense to pay attention to a healthy and low-fat diet from time to time - the body will thank you!

Here are a few low-fat recipe recommendations:

  • Trout miller
  • Mushroom risotto
  • Simple zucchini salad
  • Basil noodle pan
  • Spelled muffins
  • Garden wok
  • more steam and steam recipes