Cook fresh

Cooking fresh every day is normal for many people and not feasible for others. Do you really eat worse if the ingredients are not freshly bought and prepared? Or are frozen and canned food a real alternative to fresh cuisine?

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Cooking fresh also means choosing the right preparation. (Photo by: © Konstantin Yuganov /

100 years ago, housewives had no choice but to cook fresh every day.

The boiling was still in its infancy, refrigerators were still not an issue and there were no preservatives either. What remained were the vegetables and the fruit from the garden and now and then a piece of meat freshly bought from the butcher or the slaughtered meat from their own slaughter.

Did people eat better and healthier back then? Maybe yes, considering that everything was really fresh. Or maybe not, because cooking too long lost many nutrients and vitamins .

If you cook fresh today, there are many ways to preserve the many nutrients and vitamins.

With steam or from the wok

Cooking fresh always has something to do with the way it is prepared. Fresh vegetables or fruit are often cooked to death, especially in Central Europe .

A nice example is the often reviled English cuisine. Vegetables are cooked here to a porridge that actually no longer deserves the name.

Asian chefs do it differently and above all better . They prepare almost everything in the wok. In Wok cooking is really cook fresh. The ingredients are steamed in the wok with only a little water and little oil at high temperature in a short time, with the result that vegetables really look like vegetables and still have a bite. In this way, all important nutrients and vitamins are retained.

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Another way to cook fresh is to cook with steam . If you have a pressure cooker, you can be happy, because dishes cooked in such a pot can confidently be described as fresh. Using a sieve, fish, meat and vegetables are steamed in very little water more than they are actually cooked. Everything stays fresh and therefore healthy and delicious.

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Cooking fresh - a logistical problem

cook fresh

A schedule is also required to cook fresh every day. (Photo by: ©

Cooking fresh every day also means a lot of effort.

If you are consistent and really want to bring something fresh to your table every day, you obviously have to go to the market or shop regularly and always buy fresh ingredients. On the one hand, this is very tedious and on the other hand, it is also relatively expensive.

In addition, you also have to have the necessary time to stand in the kitchen every day and clean and chop vegetables. In today's world, this is hardly possible.

Working people in particular have to keep to a precise schedule so that they can balance work and household.

Here are a few tips to help you cook freshly even when there is not enough time:

  • Create a weekly meal plan. Possibly keep your own list of the most popular family recipes.
  • Only go shopping once a week. Online shopping for fresh groceries is already possible.
  • Only cook things for which you also have the necessary kitchen utensils (steam cooker, wok, etc.).
  • Often you can already prepare food (meal prep).
  • Use regional and therefore fresh food.
  • Cooking simple but delicious recipes.
  • Etc.

What should you always eat fresh?

There are certain foods that should always be eaten fresh.

Fish is one of them, but certain types of vegetables and fruits simply taste better fresh. Fresh asparagus in May and the first fresh strawberries and raspberries taste best when they are fresh on the table.

Fresh winter vegetables such as savoy cabbage or kale only become a real pleasure when they are freshly prepared.

Are canned foods worse?

Preserves are a good alternative to fresh cuisine. Vegetables and fruits are only heated for a short time before they go into the can and therefore still have all the nutrients and all the vitamins. If you want to go fast, canned food is always a good way to eat (almost) fresh.

It is important to ensure that canned food does not contain any artificial flavoring or preservatives.