Salzburg - regional specialties

Salzburg is known as the city of Mozart, which offers some attractions, but also the cuisine and the various delicacies are not to be scoffed at. In general, this kitchen is very traditional and hearty. In this report you will find some recipes about various specialties of this region that you can easily and comfortably cook at home.

Salzburg cuisine

In addition to many attractions, Salzburg also offers many culinary delicacies.

General information about the kitchen of Salzburg

The Salzburg cuisine was shaped by the different neighbors of this region (Bavaria, Bohemia) and therefore you can find numerous dishes (hearty to light dishes).

Some of these typical dishes are:

  • Pinzgauer Kasnocken
  • Country feast
  • Chill
  • Lungau cheese dumpling soup
  • various desserts (Mozart balls, strauben)
  • Potato dishes (= fried potato dough pieces)
  • Bosna
  • Pinzgau donuts
  • Kasnocken
  • Caspese dumplings
  • Fast dumplings
  • Salzburg beer soup
  • Salzburg dumplings
  • Blueberry nocks
  • various fish dishes

Of particular note are the Mozart balls, which are known beyond the borders of this federal state. These are due to the great adoration of Mozart and generally consist of a chocolate ball filled with marzipan. The Mozartkugel was invented by the confectioner Paul Fürst (1890).

The best known specialty, besides the Mozart balls, are the Salzburg Nockerl . This sweet, baked dessert made from egg whites, sugar, vanilla sugar and flour is the mother of all dumplings and is known far beyond the country's borders.

Info: Many regions have their own specialties or variations of recipes. For example, Pinzgau cheese dumplings differ from the Lungau cheese dumplings only in the special mountain cheese used.

Salzburg is not a wine-growing region, but the state can look back on centuries of beer tradition .

The coffee house tradition is very important not only in Vienna, but also in Salzburg City .

Influences on Salzburg cuisine

The cuisine of Salzburg was influenced by Bohemian-Austrian, Bavarian and Italian influences and is generally rather hearty, with lots of cheese or butter and often completely without meat - especially savory flour and potato dishes characterize the Salzbuger cuisine.

Some recipes for typical Salzburg cuisine:

The most popular and best-known dessert from Salzburg is the Salzburg Nockerln.

The most popular and best-known dessert from Salzburg is the Salzburg Nockerln. (Photo by: imagex / Depositphotos)

The Salzburg beer soup

This dish requires butter (2 tablespoons), 1 egg yolk (egg yolk), 1 liter of beer (light or dark), salt, pepper, 1 knife tip of honey, nutmeg (freshly grated), 1 pinch of saffron, 3 tablespoons of sweet cream (on best cream), butter and cubes of bread.

  1. The butter should be melted in a large saucepan - then add the beer and heat the mixture.
  2. After this process, season the whole thing with pepper, salt, honey, nutmeg and saffron and sprinkle the egg yolk with the sweet cream. Then you add this mixture to the beer mixture.

This dish tastes best when the soup is refined with butter and served with roasted bread cubes - as a recipe.

The Lungau cheese dumplings

This dish consists of dumpling bread (200g), milk (approx. ¼ liter or less), 2 eggs, 2 potatoes (cooked), parsley, cheese (200g), whole grain flour (2 to 3 tablespoons), salt and fat (for baking) .

  1. The dumpling bread should be soaked in the milk - then add the flour, salt and chopped parsley and make a dumpling dough (add a little milk if necessary).
  2. The cheese (cut into small pieces) and the potatoes (grated beforehand) should be mixed into this dough and after this process small patties should be formed.
  3. The camisole is baked out in hot fat.

An onion soup or a green salad go well with this dish.

The Pinzgauer Kaspressknödel

These consist of dumpling bread (1/2 kg for approx. 20 dumplings), 1 onion, salt, pepper, parsley, beer cheese (1/2 kg), ¼ liter of water, 6 eggs and a 1/4 kg of flour.

  1. The onions should be finely chopped and then roasted until golden yellow - these are then mixed into the dumpling bread.
  2. The beer cheese should be debarked (cut into fine cubes) and the dumpling bread should be mixed thoroughly with the cheese, salt, pepper and parsley.
  3. The eggs should be mixed with the water and then the dumplings can be worked in (let them rest for a short time).
  4. Finally, add the flour and form small loafs. Bake until golden in a pan (low heat).

The Kaspressknödel are best served with a strong beef soup.

The farmer's feast (one serving)

You need sauerkraut, 1 bread dumpling, 1 slice of roast pork, 1 slice of smoked meat and 1/2 pair of frankfurters.

These delicacies are served on a plate and best served with strong and disgraceful farmer's bread.

Other special recipes are:

The Salzburg beer meat with bread dumplings

This dish consists of beef, onions, carrots, bacon, salt, caraway, garlic, marjoram, bell pepper, tomato paste, beef soup, March beer, butter, parsley (chopped), diced bread, milk, eggs, flour and roasting cream. The Salzburg beer meat should be served warm with the bread dumplings.

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The beer coach salad

You need crackers (sausages), fisoles, eggs (hard-boiled), cucumbers, peppers and onions. For the dressing (cream-chive dressing) you need sour cream, mayonnaise, some vinegar, some sugar, chives, salt and pepper.

The Lungau creamer

This dish consists of butter, flour, cream, raisins, cinnamon, sugar, anise and rum. The Lungau creamer can be kept in the fridge for about two to three weeks.

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The capsule bags

Pork liver, pork fat, garlic, parsley, onions, salt, pepper, paprika, grippy flour, salt, oil and warm water are required for the filling. This dish is traditionally served with sauerkraut or potato salad.

The Kasnocken

Hearty Kasnocken are served as a starter or as a main course.

Hearty Kasnocken are served as a starter or as a main course. (Photo by: fanfon / Depositphotos)

For this you need white bread, milk, onions, butter, cheese, chives, parsley, eggs, flour, salt, white pepper, caraway and sage. The Kasnocken are often served as a starter.

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The Bierkas

For this traditional dish you need quargel, butter, curd cheese, onions, chives, bell pepper, salt, caraway and beer. This hearty spread is spread on black bread and served with radish or a beer - as a recipe.

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More recipes from Salzburg:

  • Blood sausage dumplings
  • Potato Idi
  • Herb sparrows
  • Salzburg Gugelhupf
  • Pinzgauer Kasnocken
  • other recipes from Salzburg cuisine

In Salzburg you can find various traditional dishes but also various newly created dishes. Therefore, a visit is worthwhile if you want to indulge yourself.