Styria - regional specialties

Styria (Green Mark) is the second largest state in Austria and offers many different delicacies and various delicacies. In this federal state you can find organic products that Styrian farmers produce or produce every day. In this article you will find various recipes for typical, Styrian cuisine and a lot of information about them.

Styrian cuisine

The Green Mark offers many attractions but also various delicacies and delicacies.

General information about the cuisine of Styria

The Styrian cuisine is very different, because it ranges from hearty to exquisite and there is something for every taste. You can either enjoy a freshly filled farmer's bread with a strong sip of Schilcher (dry rosé wine) in one of the various bush taverns or have a salad with a dash of seed oil.

The most famous delicacies and delicacies from this region are:

  • Pumpkin seed oil (recipes with pumpkin seed oil)
  • Schilcher (= red wine)
  • Storm (more info)
  • Welschriesling (= white wine)
  • Zweigelt (= red wine)
  • Klachelsuppe
  • Chopped (spread from finely chopped bacon)
  • typical Styrian fried chicken
  • Sterz (Heidensterz)
  • various pumpkin recipes
  • Most (more info)
  • Styrian ring cake
  • Apple horseradish
  • Rubbish
  • Herb delicacies
  • cabbage strudel
  • Various fish dishes (from mirror carp, scale carp, row carp or leather carp)
  • Smoked
  • Styrian root flesh
  • Beetle bean salad
  • various apple recipes
  • meatloaf

Particularly noteworthy is the Styrian pumpkin seed oil, which has a nutty taste and a deep green color. The pumpkin seed oil is often used for salads and various soup variations and is made from high-quality pumpkin seeds.

Link tip: Pumpkin seed oil - the green gold from Austria

You can also find the chocolate maker Zotter in Eastern Styria . The Zotter chocolate consists of many different spices and there are countless variations (muscatel, asparagus chocolate, pumpkin truffles or celery chocolate).

Influences on Styrian cuisine

Styrian cuisine and generally Austrian cuisine was influenced by the cooking tradition of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Bohemia and Italian cuisine . There are also numerous agricultural businesses in Styria that produce the typical Styrian dishes and ingredients.

Some recipes for typical Styrian cuisine:

The Styrian Klachelsuppe (recipe for 4 people)

It consists of pork knuckle (one kilo or less), flour, water (1½ liters), various herbs (marjoram, garlic, pepper, salt, caraway, laurel, juniper seeds), soup greens, onions, roots, flour (approx. 40 g ) and some vinegar.

You should buy the pork knuckle in slices and cook them gently with the spices mentioned. Then acidify with vinegar, strain everything and heat the oil. Add the flour and roast a little. Then add the drained soup and the detached meat. The dish is eaten in Southeast Styria with Heidensterz or with simple boiled potatoes.

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The Styrian baked chicken with potato and bird salad

This dish requires chickens (2 free range chickens), potatoes (500 g waxy potatoes), 2 onions, lamb's lettuce, flour, eggs, white bread crumbs, seed oil, vinegar, spices (garlic, pepper, salt, lemon, chives) and oil.

The potatoes must be boiled (peel when they are still hot), add onions and chives and then make a marinade from vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper and onions - use them for the salad. The chickens should be quartered (cut joints), then breaded and baked in hot fat. The salad tastes particularly good when the potatoes are served warm.

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The apple crust

This consists of two to three apples, horseradish (2 tablespoons grated), a dash of vinegar, sugar and lemon juice.

You should mix all the ingredients well and add a little oil at the end. The apple horseradish is often served with a fresh piece of beef.

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The semolina

This delicacy consists of semolina (250 g), water (one liter), milk, salt, bacon grammes and a little fat (100 g).

The fat should be heated (not brownish), then add the corn grits (with constant stirring until it turns golden yellow) - this porridge is poured with boiling salted water and then you should let everything simmer on a small flame. To make this dish particularly delicious, you should sprinkle bacon grammes over it. A green salad with seed oil can be served with this dish.

  • to the semolina ore recipe

The Styrian herb strudel

For this dish you need a strudel dough, cabbage (600 g), onions (chop), minced meat (approx. 300 g), garlic, parsley, bell peppers, salt, pepper, marjoram, caraway, 2 eggs, sour cream, breadcrumbs, chopped cheese and some butter (brown butter).

The herb should be boiled (in salt water), then you should cut the herb into small pieces and remove the water. Roast the onion, the minced meat, the garlic (crushed), the parsley, the peppers and the cabbage and put them on the strudel dough (first spread with fat and crumbs).

Then spray with sour cream, roll up the dough and spread all over with fat and cook in a pan (cover). You can dust the finished dish with brown butter and chives. This dish is traditionally brought to the table with a bean salad with pumpkin seed oil.

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Other special recipes are:

The Styrian ring cake

This dessert consists of eggs, orange juice, vanilla sugar, pumpkin seed oil, icing sugar, granulated sugar, flour and baking powder. You can also glaze the Gugelhupf or serve it with a little punch and fresh fruit.

The Kletzenbrot

This consists of rye flour, water, yeast, salt, milk, rennet, orange peel, pignoli, sultanas, zibbe (or currants), rum, gingerbread spice (cloves), cinnamon and cardamom. This special bread is mainly eaten during Christmas.

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The Krenkoch (breadcrumbs)

For this you need bread rolls, meat soup, horseradish, salt and cream. This dish is particularly popular in Styria and can be eaten with almost any dish.

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The dragons

These consist of flour (heath flour and wheat flour), salt water, eggs, sour cream, lard and icing sugar. You can resist, roll in a cinnamon-sugar mixture, then they taste particularly pleasant.

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Further recipe recommendations from Styria:

  • Seed oil pesto
  • Grandma's apple pie
  • Schilcher soup
  • Styrian sushi
  • Beetle bean salad
  • Krenfleisch
  • another recipe of Styrian cuisine

A visit to Styria is definitely worth it, because there are numerous and unique delicacies to enjoy. In addition to the sights, you should step into a Buschenschank and let yourself be tempted with a salad that has been refined with pumpkin seed oil or with the numerous variations from sex.