Lower Austria - regional specialties

This state is characterized by the agricultural differences and the proximity to the Czech Republic (influence of the Bohemian cuisine). In this article you will find typical recipes of Lower Austrian cuisine - for easy cooking and some general information about regional specialties.


The Wachau is one of the most famous landscapes in Lower Austria - also culinary.

General information about the cuisine of Lower Austria

In Lower Austria you can find many regional kitchens - this state offers numerous different gourmet areas such as the Wachau (land of apricots, known for wine), the Vienna Woods, the Marchfeld (world-renowned center of asparagus cultivation), the Semmering and the Nibelungengau.

The focus is on organic farming (rearing carp, tench and pike, the production of sheep and goat cheese and the cultivation of poppies).

Some delicacies from this state are:

  • Waldviertel poppy seed pasta
  • Marchfeld asparagus
  • Wachau apricots
  • various game dishes
  • various fish dishes (carp)
  • Waldviertler dumplings
  • Waldviertel poppy seed cake
  • Bottom ants with sauerkraut
  • and of course the various wines (e.g. from the Wachau).

Influences on Lower Austrian cuisine

Lower Austria is located near Vienna (Wiener Becken) and the Czech Republic (Bohemian cuisine) and therefore there are numerous influences from these areas in Lower Austrian cuisine.

Some recipes for typical Lower Austrian cuisine:

The Waldviertel lentil soup

For this dish you need 15 dag of lentils, salt, pepper, bay leaves, thyme, liver, lemon slices, barley (5 dag), an onion, fat (4 dag), bacon (6 dag), carrots (20 dag), a tablespoon Flour, four tablespoons of buttermilk, mustard, two tablespoons of tomato paste, and a few drops of vinegar.

  1. The lentils should be soaked the day before (strain and put in fresh water).
  2. Then season everything with salt, bay leaves, thyme, pepper and lemon. Then add the washed barley, let this mixture boil for a while (lentils soft).
  3. After this process, roast the bacon and onion (cut into small cubes) and then add the life and carrots (cut into small cubes).
  4. After these ingredients are roasted, add the lentils and then let this mixture cook until the lentils have almost crumbled.
  5. The next step is to sprinkle flour, buttermilk, mustard and tomato paste and then add this mixture of ingredients to the soup (add flavor to it with vinegar).
  6. After this process, let everything boil well again and serve with fresh chives.

Filled Waldviertel schnitzel

This dish consists of 4 thin pork cutlets, 25 dag mushrooms, 10 dag smoked meat, parsley, four eggs, flour, salt, pepper, breadcrumbs and fat.

  1. The schnitzel should be knocked out (cut in at the edges and salt).
  2. Then the egg mushrooms, the smoked meat and parsley are chopped and steamed in hot fat (short).
  3. Then add pepper, salt and one or two eggs and stir these ingredients together well (until the egg has bound with the other ingredients).
  4. Then the schnitzel is filled with this mixture (knock together at the edges and breaded) and baked out in hot fat.
  5. This dish should be served with a potato or head salad.

The sliced ​​must

For this dish you need 1/2 kg of pork (e.g. shoulder), 3 tablespoons of oil, one onion, garlic, 1/8 liter of soup, 1/8 liter of must, salt, pepper, 1/2 teaspoon of thyme and three Tablespoons of cream (or coffee cream).

  1. The onions should be cut into cubes and the garlic should be crushed. Then cut the meat into strips (fry, remove from the pan and keep warm).
  2. Then the onions and garlic are steamed in the same frying fat. These ingredients are removed with the soup and the must and this mixture is poured over the meat.
  3. After this process, refine the dish with pepper and thyme and let everything simmer for about 30 minutes (covered).
  4. Then add the cream (add) and add salt and pepper (season to taste) and let everything boil again.

Click here for the recipe of must .

The Waldviertel carp

For this one uses 15 dag carp fillets (per person), a medium-sized potato (floury, per carp fillet), bell pepper, flour, egg, milk, lemon, spices, herbs, a leaf salad, vinegar and oil.

  1. The fillets should be salted (drizzle with lemon juice and sprinkle a little paprika).
  2. Then peel the potatoes (roughly grate and squeeze) and mix them with herbs and salt.
  3. The fillets are turned in flour, egg and milk and of course also in the potato mass produced.
  4. Then let them bake in hot fat (let them swim for about five minutes and turn only once) and arrange the fillets with a crisp leaf salad.

The Waldviertel dumplings

For this dish you need 1/2 kg of potatoes, 1/2 kg of boiled, passed potato (3/4 kg of raw potatoes), a dag of butter, salt and a tablespoon of flour.

  1. The potatoes are peeled, grated and squeezed (the juice is squeezed through a cloth).
  2. The boiled potatoes, the butter, the salt and the flour are added and then everything is briefly put on.
  3. Then you can form dumplings and put them in boiling salted water (let them steep slowly for 20 minutes).
  4. The dumplings can be served with meat, sauce or a salad.

Here is a recipe for Waldviertel potato dumplings .

Other special recipes are:

St. Pöltner Mostbratl

This dish consists of roast pork, salt, pepper (white pepper), pear must, meat soup, onions, root vegetables (carrots and celery), sour apples (cubed), cream, tarragon juice, lemon juice and a pinch of sugar. The dish is traditionally served with potato noodles and finely chopped grams.

The Mostviertel roast

Beef lung roast, salt, bone marrow, root system (parsley, carrots, celery), peppercorns, bay leaves and must are used for this roast. The roast can be served with vegetables.

  • Mostviertel roast

The Waldviertel onion meat

You need beef (hip cones), oil, onions, granulated sugar, garlic, marjoram, salt, pepper, wine vinegar, smooth flour, beef soup and chopped parsley. Fresh parsley should be used for the onion meat.

The Waldviertel dumplings with sauerkraut

Potatoes and potato flour are used for this traditional dish. Wheat semolina, salt, grams, pepper, garlic, eggs, sauerkraut, oil, onions, sugar, juniper berries and bay leaves. You should arrange the sauerkraut on the plates and put the grilled dumplings on them.

Our recipe recommendations:

  • Wachau apricot cake
  • Waldviertler dumplings
  • Wachau onion soup
  • Grandma's apple pie
  • Dumplings
  • Boiled fillet in Riesling sauce
  • further recipes of Lower Austrian cuisine

The state of Lower Austria is a region for gourmets and is therefore worth a visit. If you want to enjoy hearty and hearty dishes and want to taste excellent wines, you should definitely visit this region. Lower Austria also impresses with its beautiful landscape and each area has its own regional and traditional delicacies.