Burgenland - regional specialties

Burgenland is the second largest wine region in Austria and no region has been shaped by history as differently as Burgenland. In this article you will find typical recipes from Burgenland cuisine, for cooking and some general information.


Burgenland cuisine was heavily influenced by Hungarian cuisine.

General information about the Burgenland cuisine

Due to the history, the youngest federal state of Austria, this kitchen is characterized by numerous influences and therefore offers many culinary delights. Above all, it was strongly influenced by the Hungarian, Croatian, Serbian but also Slovak cuisine.

Due to the times of crisis that the federal state had to go through, many dishes contain millet, grain or barley.

Typical dishes include:

  • Egg shells
  • Drip batter colors
  • Food with beans or lentils
  • various strudel dishes such as spinach, bean, carrot or mushroom strudel, meat and liver strudel, apple, poppy seed, grape and strawberry strudel
  • Bean or potato ore from roasted wheat flour
  • Grammogoggles
  • various types of soup (cabbage soup, garlic soup)
  • Stuffed peppers
  • the potato goulash
  • Grenadiermarsch
  • Letscho
  • Somlauer Nockerl
  • Various fish dishes and fish soups (such as zander, carp, pike).
  • more recipes from Burgenland cuisine

Influences on Burgenland cuisine

The traditional cuisine of Burgenland was influenced and shaped by this country, above all by its long affiliation with Hungary.

Therefore, many dishes or specialties from this region consist of fish, chicken or goose. Agriculture, viticulture and fruit growing, as well as the cultivation of regional vegetables, also play a major role.

Some recipes for the typical Burgenland cuisine

The bean soup

This dish consists of a soup ladle sauerkraut and this should be cooked in bean water. Then you should add a soup ladle of beans and after this process you should mix ½ tablespoon of flour (smooth) with ¼ of flour (sprinkle) and add this mixture to the soup. Bring everything to the boil and serve warm.

Burgenland potato soup (for 4 people)

For this dish you need five large potatoes, 5 dag of lard, two medium-sized onions, a tablespoon of paprika, two liters of water, salt, pepper, bacon rind and 1/4 liter of sour cream.

The lard should be roasted (golden brown), then the finely chopped onions, peppers and potatoes (peel and cut into cubes, raw). Then you delete this mixture with the water, add salt and the bacon rinds. When the potatoes are tender, add the sour cream and serve the soup hot.

The Burgenland goose liver

This traditional dish consists of 400 g goose liver, ½ liter milk, salt, 80 g goose fat, a small onion and a pinch of paprika powder.

The goose liver should be washed well, then put in the milk for an hour and after the process, dry it and add salt to it. The fat should be heated in a pan (casserole), cut the onions into slices and then put the whole goose liver in. This should fry in the oven (preheated) for approx. 20 minutes (pour over several times). After this process, cut the liver into slices and put them on a plate (preheated) and pour a mixture of fat and paprika over them. This dish should be served very hot and can be served with baked apple slices and toasted bread.

Grenadier March (for 4 people)

For this dish you need about 300 g of meat leftovers, 4 potatoes, 1 onion, 200 g pasta, 100 g peas, 2 tomatoes, 1 mug of sour cream, a little sunflower oil, parsley, salt and pepper.

The potatoes should be boiled, peeled and cut into small pieces, the pasta should be cooked and the meat should be cut into cubes. The onion is roasted and then the other ingredients (except the tomatoes) are added. The sour cream should be mixed with salt, pepper and parsley, put the tomatoes on a plate and sprinkle the fried mixture with parsley and serve. This special dish is particularly suitable to use up some leftovers from the fridge.

Martini Gansl grandmother's style

This food consists of a goose, salt, marjoram, flour and water. For the filling you need (chestnut filling) peeled and steamed chestnuts, peeled apples (sliced) - here is the Martinigans recipe.

The Neusiedler fish

This dish requires pikeperch, lemon juice, salt, pepper, parsley, thyme, plain flour and clarified butter. Parsley potatoes, vegetables or a leaf salad are very suitable as a side dish - here is the Neusiedler Zander fish recipe.

The letscho

This dish consists of peppers (pitted), onions, tomatoes, oil, garlic, soup, salt, pepper and parsley (chopped). Rice or roasted meat go well with this dish - here is the Letscho recipe.

The egg dumplings

This dish uses fat, egg, flour (grippy), a little salt, pepper, chives and water. A fresh, green salad is particularly suitable as a side dish - here is the egg recipe.

The herb strudel

For the strudel dough, flour, oil, lukewarm water, vinegar and some salt are mixed. The fullness consists of a herb head, salt and pepper. This dish can also be consumed with salad - here is the herb strudel recipe.

In Burgenland you can find various dishes that were largely influenced by the Hungarian cuisine. In addition, you can enjoy various, delicious wines, because Burgenland is very well known beyond the borders for these. For this reason, a visit to this state is worthwhile to be spoiled with culinary delights.