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Mustard dip

Mustard dip

The recipe for the mustard dip tastes particularly delicious and spicy with meat dishes

Spicy vanilla ice cream

Spicy vanilla ice cream

A quick, tangy vanilla ice cream recipe turns into a tempting dessert with basil leaves, pistachio oil and honey

Healthy recipes for sweets

Every now and then it catches us all, the desire for sweets - but there are also healthy sweets and sweets.

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Weinviertel wine region - wine-growing region

Weinviertel wine region - wine-growing region

The Weinviertel is the largest Austrian wine-growing region

Leek quiche

The quiche is a French specialty from Lorraine that is one of the classics of French cuisine

Pot souffle with strawberries

The saucepan with strawberries is a sweet temptation. Your guests will like this recipe

Pre-cooking recipes

Healthy recipes that are carefully pre-cooked and only warmed up the next day